Recently we ran into an interesting article about “2018 Workplace Learning Trends” on LinkedIn Learning. Some interesting figures attracted our attention:

  • 68% of employees prefer to learn at work
  • 58% of employees prefer opportunities to learn at their own pace
  • 49% prefer to learn at the point of need

This report shows how GPAL meets today’s demands! GPAL strongly believes in the necessity of learning on the job, anytime, anywhere. Employees learn by watching video instructions of their peers. These instructions can be retrieved by QR codes or iBeacons which provides only the right specific information, exactly at your point of need.

Being able to create comments and questions, as well as to like, rate and favorite your peers instruction, the involvement of employees is high. Social skills are trained by creating your own content and interacting with peers. And training soft skills is a number 1 priority these days, according to the article.

To read more and download the full report:

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