The Dutch Department of Defense has created a vision 2030 in which “learning, anytime, anywhere” is one of the five strategic pillars is. Workplace learning, which is also called performance support, is of course a nice cry, but the Department has indeed started implementing that straight away. And MAD is allowed to play a significant part in that!

Facilitate learning on the workspot

If you want somebody to learn anytime anywhere, you need to facilitate that. Most of the support tools for education and training are classical or computer orientated. However, most of the people are outside in the work field. The Department of Defence is using for instance the so called learning task books. These are the books that employees take to the work field in which is described what they need to learn during a certain period of time. However, in these books is not explained how the task needs to be done. That must be explained by the appointed teacher. In practice the teacher and journeyman method is used frequently to teach employees.

New working method by using GPAL

In November 2015 MAD has presented an idea at the Defence Innovation Competition, renewing this way of working. We won the Innovation Price Educating and Training to the value of 200.000 Euro. There were 27 competitors! From here on our adventure started. We made a first concept of our solution and tested it with great success on five departments with the Department. Mechanics on naval ships, bakers in training, new employees at the Military Police, rotating teams at the CBRN and protocols concerning helicopters were involved. They were unanimously positive regarding this renewed way of learning.

Innovating is doing

At the Department of Defence everybody agreed that “Innovating is doing”. The enthusiasm was overwhelming and so we agreed in July to further investigate the pilots and the GPAL App for 14 months. We choose another 7 new pilots out of over 25 internal registrations and are now able to develop a tool to give employees the possibility to learn anytime, anywhere. At the same time we are investigating how we can integrate GPAL in the organisation and supply with other means.

Curious? Do you want to know what GPAL can do for you? Do not hesitate to contact us. You are guaranteed to be enthusiastic!


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