GPAL’s processing activities

May 2018, Version 1.0

The below mentioned data of the user are processed by GPAL:

  1. Full name
  2. E-mail address (often company accounts)
  3. Language (for the translated e-mails)
  4. Avatar (self-selected image, could be the profile picture of the user)

In GPAL, the following relationships can be created with the user:

  1. A user is always linked to a client’s company account (the company or organisation that uses GPAL) 
  2. The devices of the user that are used for GPAL (for push messages) 
  3. The roles that can be assigned to a user (“user”, “admin”, “content-admin”)
  4. The “user group (s)” in which the user can be classified.

This is organised by GPAL’s customer (an organisation).

This can be done, for example, on the basis of function or role within the company (onboarding, mechanic, operator, technical staff, etc.) on location (e.g. location, department, etc.) or at knowledge level (e.g. junior, senior, course, etc.)

  1. A user can be given restricted access to confidential content. This is also arranged by means of “user group (s)”
  2. Through the “user group (s)” in which the user is assigned, the user gains access to certain “categories” and “topics”
  3. The instruction videos that the user has made or viewed
  4. A user can appear in an instruction video
  5. A user can appear on a thumbnail
  6. A user can judge an instruction video. Ratings are given by stars. This results in an “average rating”
  7. How many instruction videos a user has made
  8. How often other users view an instruction video made by a user
  9. How often the user’s instruction videos have been reviewed by other users
  10. How often a user views an instruction video
  11. How often a user has asked a question about an instruction video
  12. How often a user has given a response
  13. The favorite  instruction videos of a user

GPAL registers the following actions:

  1. All listed items in the above relationships
  2. When a user is logged in