Many companies talk about innovation. First, they start to make a plan of approach with all the belonging elements. Months will pass by without real innovation. We call that “old fashioned” thinking!

Our vision is to start straight away, today! Now! Innovation is most of all doing and trying and discovering. Of course you need to start with a basic vision, but anyhow start straight away. The vision will be adjusted by the learning process.

As described in the article of the Department of Defense, this is what we do at and with the Department of Defense. At the Department we innovate the process of “being able to learn always and everywhere” for their 40.000 employees. The Defense Department dares and does. On the way we face several obstacles, but we remove them one by one and we do move forward.

We meet enthusiastic, driven and passionate employees who participate in the pilots. And that immediately gives an assessment of the concept. It is fun to innovate and it really motivates to want more.

In the meantime GPAL has been used experimentally outside the Department of Defense. Everywhere we first start with one or more pilots. We learn that GPAL can as well be used for improving processes, securing knowledge, increasing teamwork and many other topics. In the meantime we have developed a standard method for a test pilot in which we take you organisation straight into innovation.

Do you want to innovate today? Do not hesitate to contact us!
Or are you going to make make a plan of approach first ;-)?