Securing knowledge requires your attention!

Meet Pete from the visual. Pete is 63 years old. He knows all your critical procedures and how to solve critical stuff. But Pete will leave your organisation in a year or so. Do you recognise your own Pete? Maybe your Pete is 35 years old and decides to leave your organisation after 5 years. How do you solve this until now? What we often hear is: “We see the problem but we don’t have the time and resources needed.” And by than you already know that this will lead to serious problems in the near future.

Make a digital copy of your experts

The solution starts with thinking differently. Many people who think about securing knowledge think about written work instructions with pictures in it. But you have to let that go. Our solution is simple: Make a digital copy of your “Petes” by filming them while they explain procedures and other knowhow. Ensure that the resulting video instructions are stored in a structured way in our GPAL App. Now Pete’s knowledge can be seen 24/7 by all employees with the right access.


We can give you a whole list of advantages, but the most important one is the following: you need far less time to do it and it is visually supported instead of paper. Every employee can create videos while they are working, simply by using their smartphone. So all your experts can contribute to your central kwowledge.

Yes, but…..

Lack of time is no longer a valid argument for securing your collective knowledge. We can show your organization to adopt this new way of securing knowledge in a structured and innovative manner. We know all the “yes, buts” and how to answer them. Are you ready to see how this might work for your organisation?  Contact us via or contact us directly.

Kind regards,

Erik Liet