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How to record your iPhone screen

Here's your first video tip for 2019: How to capture your screen from your iPhone. This will help you achieve successful videos to [...]

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Case: GPAL Helps Learning Faster and Better

In a recent blog article we already showed the positive effects that using GPAL can have on knowledge levels. Now, an additional evaluation with 26 [...]

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GPAL at ILMAC Lausanne

In October, GPAL attended the ILMAC fair in Lausanne which is the platform for the chemical, pharmaceutical and biotechnological sector in French-speaking Switzerland. [...]

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Research shows positive effects of GPAL

At a Marine school of the Dutch Defense Force the effects of GPAL were surveyed as part of an academic study. The participating [...]

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Case: Safety Vlogging with GPAL

How to learn about work safety by using video instructions? “Veiligheid NL” is working with GPAL to stimulate learning about work safety. Together [...]

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